Customer success and support teams improve NPS scores with Armatic

Armatic connects support and success teams with every department in the organization for improved customer insights.

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Solve customer issues quickly!

Do you need to issue a refund to a customer, but it requires approval form your success lead? No problem Armatic's workflow process allows for any type of approval rule to quickly resolve customer issues and involve your whole team .

Armatic provides your support team as well a framework to create payment plans with customers who otherwise may not be able to pay.

Every interaction with your customers is logged via the Armatic Customer Manager and can be quickly accessed by the support team and any other authorized member in the organization.

All data is synced bi-directional with your ERP system, so that your finance team has immediate insights to financial changes in a customer's revenue lifecycle. 


customer success team

Armatic is the single source of truth for your customer data.

Create a single source of customer truth. Centralize all your customer information from various departments into an easily accessible 360-degree view of your customer with the Armatic Customer Manager.


Document Manager

Upload any type of document to a customer record. Improve the collaboration with other team members who have access to these records. Seamless and effortless!


Electronic Signatures

Your support and success team can easily send documents like NDA's for electronic signatures, and automatically link them to your customers.


Customer Manager

Empower your sales team to instantly find a historical background for your customers. Share authorized historical communication data, files, documents, invoices and contracts with your sales team.


Quote to Cash

Automate your business processes from creating new quotes or renewals for your customers and automate the cash collection. Empower your support and success team to handle the whole process and remove third-party department bottlenecks.

Armatic Insights

Say good bye to disconnected departments and start leveraging Armatic's robust integrated cross department platform to manage the full customer revenue lifecycle and reduce your time to close deals. 

We work with your existing CRM software and replace your eSign provider!

No need for duplicate data entry when creating your quotes and proposals. We pull your customer data right from your CRM system and we simply replace your current eSign provider. Connect your email account and simplify sharing of customer data with your customer success team. We work with any payment provider of your choice!