HR teams improve employee satisfaction and employee advocacy with Armatic

Armatic surfaces employee insights with eNPS surveys, employee feedback, advocacy, and employee documents and contract creation and storing.

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Employee Net Promoter Score

The eNPS score will give you constant updates and the insights you need to understand what employees like and don’t like about your company.

Utilizing our feedback components, eNPS fosters an instant dialogue between your organization and your employees and helps you to improve your overall employee loyalty and satisfaction.



Armatic is the single source of truth for your employee data.

Create a single source of customer truth. Centralize all your employee information from various departments into an easily accessible 360-degree view of your employees with the Armatic Employee Manager.


Document Manager

Upload any type of document to an employee record. Improve the collaboration with organization managers whom you may provide access to these records. Seamless and effortless!


Electronic Signatures

Your HR team can easily send documents like employee contracts, NDA's for electronic signatures, and automatically link them to your employees.


Employee Manager

Empower your HR team to instantly find a historical background for your employees. Share authorized historical communication data, files, documents, paystubs and contracts with your HR and management team.


Employee Advocacy

Amplify your social reach with employee advocacy. Leverage the social networks of your employees, by providing them an easy way to share approved company information. 

Armatic Employee Advocacy



Your companies social posts reach a multiple of prospects and potential new hires when shared by employees versus your own company social media channel. Leverage the social networks of your employees’ to amplify the social media reach of your important brand and company messages.

We work with your existing accounting and ERP software and replace your eSign provider!

No need for duplicate data entry when creating your employee records. We pull your employee data right from your accounting or ERP system and we simply replace your current eSign provider. Connect your email account and simplify sharing of employee data with your HR team.