What Are Armatic's modules?

The Armatic platform is made up of interconnected components called "Modules" each Armatic Account comes with the Finance Module already enabled.

What do the different Armatic modules do?

The Finance Module provides powerful workflows, communication rules & payment interfaces to fully automate Accounts Receivable. Learn more

The Billing Module adds robust recurring/subscription billing, automatic payment rules, coupons and more. Learn more

The Sales Module provides integrated proposal/document management and electronic signature functionality to enhance the sales to finance process. Learn more

The Customer Success Module Module combines NPS best practices with workflow automation to generate actionable customer insights. Learn more

The Employees Module adds the Employee object and the ability to send employee NPS as well as employee documents for electronic signature

Am I charged automatically if I go over the included amount of SMS/VOIP?

No, charges for SMS, VOIP and Letters are deducted from credits you add and reload in your Armatic account

What are the rates for the various communication channels?

Rates can vary per location but in the US both SMS rates are $0.02/SMS, VOIP is $0.02/Minute and Letters are $1.00/letter and $0.25/Page. Letters also include a return envelope as well as a return mailing slip.

What are the payment and contract terms for Armatic?

All of our contracts are yearly contracts. You can choose to pay monthly via EFT or Credit Card and we will automatically debit your accounts or you can pay for the year upfront for our discounted rate.