MDF Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How are MDF funds allocated?

MDF funds are allocated on a discretionary basis to Armatic partner pre-approved marketing activities or programs.

Are there any specific requirements?

The proposed marketing activities should tie into the partner’s marketing plans to generate positive revenue with Armatic products.

What should be included in the request?

  • Estimates projecting cost breakdown (total cost projected–since we may only be able to help with part of the expense)
  • Program details/samples if needed
  • Remember – anything that does not use an Armatic template (new templates are constantly refined) must be pre-approved BEFORE it can go out (we may be able to refine) or we cannot reimburse.

How much do you contribute if approved?

Armatic may reimburse up to 50% of the total cost of select pre-approved activities, or elect to contribute materials and manpower and expertise to assist with the promotion.

Can I request MDF contributions after a campaign was run?

We cannot pay for anything that was not pre-approved (there no way we can manage the limited budget)–please do not submit these items when you know we cannot approve it after-the-fact.

When will I be reimbursed?

All claims for payment must be received by the Channel Manager within 90 days of the activity end date and will be reimbursed 30 days after submission.