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Accounting Partners

Armatic's Accounting Partner Program is for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Financial Advisors that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional accounts receivable and process optimization services to their clients.

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Solutions Partners

Armatic's Solutions Partner Program is for software resellers, consultants and agencies who support all kinds of digital transformation for their clients and increase efficiencies while earning margin.

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Integration Partners

Armatic's Integration Partner Program is for companies that want to build an integration between their technology and Armatic.

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Startup Partners

The Armatic Startup Partner Program is for early stage VC's, incubators and accelerators who want to help their startups to optimize operational efficiencies and work within a framework of proven best practice processes.

The focus on customer experience requires constant measuring of customer satisfaction scores, net promoter scores and a proven process to get actionable outcomes for our clients. By implementing Armatic for our clients, we have improved the satisfaction scores, provided a needed software solution to stay on target with all best practices and earned great margins along the way.


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