Welcome Scout to our Partner Program

The Armatic Partner program provides you various benefits for you to consider. We have teamed up with the most successful experts building partner and reseller programs for companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and Apple to bring you a modern Partner program to accelerate your SaaS sales and increase your service and commission earnings.

Free NFR Account
Free NFR Account

Get access to the full set of features in the Armatic Platform for unlimited users in your organization

Competitive Margins
Competitive Margins

Includes unique recurring revenue model for a quick payout with accelerators

Start at Gold
Start at Gold

Three levels to reward performance. You will start at gold & get immediately good margins

Recurrent Revenue

Pre-allocated MDF budget for joint promotions and incentive Spiffs

Partner Conference

Invitation to annual partner conference & award ceremony

Recurrent Revenue
Jump Start Margin

Earn extra margin for every closed deal within the first 90 days of joining – to cover your opportunity cost

Weekly Online Webinars

Weekly or one-on-one webinars to help you sell

Recurrent Revenue
Pre-qualified Leads

Pre–qualified sales leads (not just names) from events, SEO, the press and more

Free Training

No cost for product and market training – no barriers to entry

Recurrent Revenue
Deal Registration

Quick, easy approval – plus 5% extra margin for all registered deals

Recurrent Revenue
Sales Tools

Detailed competitive matrix, persuasive PowerPoints, market info and more

Recurrent Revenue
Partner Locator

Helps prospects to find you quickly (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become a Partner?

Our partners include traditional Value Added Resellers (VAR's), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to expand and transition into SaaS sales. Other Partners are Digital Marketing Agencies, Law Firms, and Accounting Agencies. Our integration and payment partners include Independent Sales Organizations (ISO's), Payment Processors, and Member Service Providers (MSP's).

What levels does your program have?

We have three levels in our Partner Program:

- Authorized Partner (no sales targets)
- Gold Partner (quarterly sales targets)
- Platinum Partner (quarterly sales targets)

How do I register a lead?

Lead registration is available for Gold and Platinum Partners. As a Gold or Platinum Partner, you will receive access to our CRM management platform to register your lead.

How do I know if a lead registration was successful?

We will send a confirmation for the approval of your deal registration within one business day. 

What commissions or margins do I make as a reseller?

Based on your Partner level you will earn discounts on our standard pricing. As a Reseller, you can charge your clients directly leveraging the Armatic billing platform and add any additional services and you decide on the client pricing. You will simply pay Armatic the discounted rates you have gained access to based on your Partner level.

Some Partners prefer to utilize Armatic's billing process and receive a commission back, which is the margin between earned discount, plus any promotions and the sales price charged to your customers.

How ca I contact you once I am a Partner?

Direct Phone Line
We value our Partner's time and provide you a direct line to call one of our Partner Support Specialist to bypass our standard customer service line.

Slack Channel
We provide you access to our dedicated Partner Slack Channel for instant communication amongst our Partners and with our Partner Support Specialists.

Chat Support and Email Support
Within your Armatic system you will have access to partner Only online chat support and we have email support available for any email requests to partner@armatic.com