Our Story

Armatic is a SaaS platform that sits between our customers accounting systems and CRM systems. We make innovative, outcome focused products that empower our users to simply get more things done.

Armatic serves thousands of customers around the world and we are still 100% founder-owned. We are headquartered in Irvine, California - with an additional office in Europe.

Max Golovnia

Casey Griswold

Founders Story

  • 2008

    Two of our founders have met originally in 2008 at Adility Inc. when Max Golovnia joined the company to solve for online to offline attribution. Still, a problem that is not 100% solved today.

  • 2012

    In 2012 Adility was acquired and Max and Team had the time of their life developing innovate new products for the changing retail space and fulfilling their quest to solve the online to offline attribution, now fully integrated into 400,000 retail locations including Walmart, Target and BestBuy.

    Only a few years later after the acquisition of Adility, the team started three new service businesses, which quickly grew to over 500 employees in the US, Europe and Asia and helped it's clients with software development and customer experience services.

    One of the big headaches these service businesses faced was the unpredictability of customer payments and outstanding accounts receivables.

    Max shared the problem with Casey Griswold a good friend, who had just left Connectifier after Linkedin acquired the company and together they realized this headache was an opportunity that they could solve with technology and process frameworks.

  • 2016

    The team started Armatic in 2016 focusing on solving the accounts receivable problems, and they quickly reduced the time to get paid in less than half.

    Today Armatic expanded the platform to help companies to apply best practices, remove department barriers with a suit of features that include every team member in an organization in a streamlined and controlled workflow for all types of activities in Sales, Customer Success, Finance and Operations.


Armatic works to create a company culture where the outcomes are measured, creativity even in such mundane activities as workflow optimization is cherished and technology solutions are build to empower humans in the workforce.

We are solving problems with robust analysis and engineering focus. Our lead engineers are incentivized around the results technology delivers for our customers, and as far as we know we are one of the few companies who compensate engineers based on product performance and customer adoption to have a fully aligned process from coding to using our products.

Armatic Max Golovnia

Max Golovnia


Casey Griswold


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