Company-wide revenue insights:

Finance Team

The Armatic platform bridges the gaps in most accounting systems adding subscription billing management, payment plans, late fees, customer portals and automatic payment options.

Putting your accounts receivable process on autopilot unburdens AR teams, increases efficiency, improves time to payment (DSO) while enhancing customer relationships.

Sales Team

Integrated proposals, billing, and payments allow sales and accounting teams to function as an effective cohesive unit with the Armatic Quote-to-Cash functionality.

Sales reps gain important insight into all customer activities and control the process in a clearly defined framework that matches all companies policies.

Customer Success

Customer Success Teams can view inbound and outbound customer correspondence, which are tracked and logged automatically alongside any finance, sales or operations events.

Customer health scores are automatically calculated and CSM's have access to powerful Net Promotor Score functionality to gain even more actionable insights into their customers.

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