Finance teams get more done in less time with Armatic

We provide a full suite of tools to manage your accounts receivables, accounts payables, payments and your billing.

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Manage complex invoice and subscription options for your clients via our billing module.

You can set up late fees, define usage based subscription billing and add costs to reflect your internal costs for the payment option your customers choose. Gain control of all aspects of your invoice and subscription billing requirements to run the finance side of your business effectively.


Provide customers instant financial information

When you enable the Armatic customer portal, you will provide your customers real time insights into their invoices, subscriptions and payment plans. The Customer Portal does not only support your Armatic electronic bills, but as well all your mailed invoices. Customers have an instant overview and can pay outstanding balances, request payment plans (if enabled) or pay in full.


Subscription Billing

Integrated Subscription Management & Recurring Billing. Easily manage recurring invoices, subscriptions, usage-based billing, and automatic payments.


Invoice Creation

Streamlined Invoice Management. Create beautiful invoices and remove obstacles that slow down customer payments.


Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivable Automation. Increase your cash flow and reduce time spend chasing invoice payments by automating Accounts Receivable communication and collections activities.


Accounts Payable

Controlled Vendor Bill Payments. Make fast and efficient business payments with the Armatic AP module and create employee accountability for your bills.

Armatic Automation

Say good bye to spreadsheets and start leveraging Armatic's robust integrated reporting and workflow engine to trigger and automate tasks for your finance team and move from manual to automated processes. Take advantage of subscription reporting to understand expansion, life time value and churn rates and become a trusted partner to your whole organization from sales to support.

We work with your existing accounting software and payment processors!

No need for duplicate data entry when managing your invoice process. We pull your invoice data right from your accounting or ERP system and we work with all payment options you provide.