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Executives and business owners leverage the best practice framework within Armatic to support their team and increase team efficiencies.

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Break down department silos and improve employee NPS scores!

The employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) measures the likelihood of an employee to recommend your organization as a place to work. eNPS provides executives constant updates and the insights to understand what employees like and don’t like about your company. Spending not more than 10 minutes per week, executives gain true insight into every department, team and employee.

Utilizing the eNPS feedback components, executives have important dialogues with employees and improve the overall employee loyalty and satisfaction.

"Mr. Gorbatchev tear down this wall" is an excerpt from Ronald Reagans famous speech that ended the cold war. Executives need to start tearing down department walls and empower their team members to communicate and access critical information avoiding departmental silos. Armatic provides a secure and controlled framework for executives with their various teams to collaborate openly leveraging Armatic's Customer Manager, Vendor Manager and Employee Manager functionality. 

Finance, sales and support teams have access to the same information and can rely on one source of truth, without the need to integrate different systems across various departments. 



Controlled access to information

Every feature of the Armatic platform has secure user access roles that can be customized to fit your organizations need for collaboration where appropriate and protection when needed.


Electronic Signatures

Every team can easily send documents for electronic signatures, and automatically link them to your customers, vendors or employees. Never misplace a document again.


Employee Manager

Provide your HR team and managers across your organization a solution to store and manage securely all employee contracts and communication.


Customer Manager

Empower your sales team to instantly find a historical background for your customers. Share authorized historical communication data, files, documents, invoices and contracts with your sales team.


Vendor Manager

Provide your finance team and employees across your organization a solution to manage all vendor relations and improve financial accountability.

Armatic Insights

Say good bye to disconnected departments and start leveraging Armatic's robust integrated cross department platform to manage the full customer revenue lifecycle and reduce your time to close deals. 

We work with your existing Payment Processors, CRM, Accounting & ERP solutions!

No need for duplicate data entry when creating your quotes and proposals. We pull your customer data right from your CRM system and we simply replace your current eSign provider. Connect your email account and simplify sharing of customer data with your customer success team. We work with any payment provider of your choice and we sync it all back to your accounting and ERP system!