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Let Your Customers Navigate Rough Seas For You and You'll Both Find Smoother Sailing

#customerNeeds, #CustomerSatisfaction, #customerservice, ##CustomerSuccess, #EffectiveMarketing, #meetingthecustomerneed July 22, 2018

Let Your Customers Navigate Rough Seas For You and You’ll Both Find Smoother Sailing

In choppy seas, companies often try to tighten their navigational control to cut costs and try to stimulate growth. However, it might very well be loosening the reins and giving navigational control to the customer that in fact best moves organisations out of those choppy seas and back onto smooth growth trajectory.

"What on earth is she talking about," you may ask?

No I’m not talking about customers of cruise ships. Although the customer journey analogy would certainly be relevant.

What I’m trying to articulate is that companies will at some point need to navigate today’s disruptive landscape of ever-changing customer expectations and technology offerings. And when that day comes, they may find their solution in listening completely to their customers and moulding their models around that, rather than dramatically restructuring staff and processes to reduce costs.

There is an urgent need for businesses to adopt an obsession for their customer. Customers expect solutions faster, which means if you don’t provide a great customer experience in that moment, they will drop you faster too. The churn is real people.

After realising that customer love is the number one mantra, companies can be crafty about how to know their customers and their problems inside and out, and how best to meet those needs. In many cases technology that meets those customer needs will actually also meet the needs of a business.

Take artificial intelligence for instance. Artificially intelligent chatbot conversations are a cost effective solution for companies AND provide a better customer experience. They can provide instant, 24/7 contact, 365 days a year and help with processes such as FAQs, making purchases, learning about products or lodging tickets.

Not only can technology provide solutions faster, but it can provide more personalized interactions too. Instead of waiting on a phone queue for 45 minutes to talk to, yet again, a different customer service representative; or sending an email only to receive an automated reply saying someone will get back to you in 2 days - conversational technology can provide leads instantly and tailor conversation to the individual. Yup, technology can in many cases be more personalized and have better rapport than a human!

An effective conversational platform can help customers feel more valued and deliver instant solutions, resulting in a better customer experience and a higher retention rate. This, my friends, is GOOD for business and your bottom line.

Listen to your customers and sail into the sunset together!

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Bindy Egden

Marketing Manager

A former commercial lawyer, Bindy is now JRNY's Marketing Manager with particular interest in digital growth, emerging technologies as well as sustainable business. When not geeking out to the latest HubSpot article or analytics you'll find her working remotely from the mountains in Queenstown.

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