Company-wide revenue insights:

Finance Team

Armatic's powerful Accounts Receivable automation & management platform is a shift from traditional AR processes and collections. Instead of trying to make manual tasks easier to perform like other tools, Armatic's rule based communication system can be dynamically assigned to customers and invoices to automate every possible task in the invoice collection process, while maintaining full control over each step in the processes. The Armatic platform also bridges the gaps in most accounting systems adding subscription billing management, payment plans, late fees, customer portals and automatic payment options.

Putting your accounts receivable process on autopilot unburdens AR teams, increases efficiency, improves time to payment (DSO) while enhancing customer relationships.

Sales Team

Integrated proposals, billing, and payments allows sales and accounting teams to function as an effective cohesive unit. Proposal price lists are pulled and updated automatically from the accounting system keeping everyone on the same page. Sales reps will no longer need to ask the status of an invoice to calculate commission, each user will have real time insights to the billing status of their customers.

Contract templates can be locked at the user or template level to eliminate errors. Sales team can create and send quotes for electronic signature in minutes. Once accepted, prospects are automatically converted to customers, subscriptions are started, invoices can be sent and/or paid automatically and all data is synchronized with the accounting system.

Customer Success

The health score of your customers can be influenced by many aspects in the revenue lifecycle and is one of the most important measurements for your Customer Success Team. Your CSM's can set the customer health score and track past changes in the Armatic platform.

All inbound and outbound customer correspondence are tracked and logged automatically alongside any user or customer events. Each user has insight into invoices, past payments, payment schedules, and subscriptions in the Armatic CRM. Phone calls can be recorded, emails are traced and letters, contracts and other documents are all stored in the customer record for easy access by the CSM to manage the customer.

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