Company-wide revenue insights:

Finance Team

Armatic's powerful revenue management platform automates every possible task in your invoice collection process, while you maintain full control of each step. Putting your accounts receivable process on autopilot will enable your AR specialists to focus on the important tasks in the Revenue Lifecycle.

Leveraging a customers risk score and our intelligent payment plan suggestion, your AR team can identify bad actors early and move them into a appropriate payment plan early in your receivable lifecycle - to get paid - instead of writing off the invoice.

Sales Team

With Armatic your sales team can create quotes for your prospects in minutes. Once a quote is accepted, Armatic creates the associated SOW or contract for the customer to electronically sign.

Your sales reps will have real time insights and once a contract is signed, Armatic will automatically create the subscription and invoice for the client, will send out a payment link and will notify the sales rep instantly when a payment was made.

Support Team

The health score of your customers can be influenced by many aspects in the revenue lifecycle and is one of the most important measuremnets for your Customer Success Team. Your CSM's can set the customer health score and track past changes in teh Armatic platform.

No more guessing of open invoices, past payments, or correspondence. Phone calls are recorded, emails are tracked and letters, contracts and other documents are all stored in the customer record for easy access by the CSM to manage the customer.

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